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Hot spring constant temperature water supply control system (HUCEEN H7-200 and compatible modules)

2023-12-20     Huceen

Project Overview:

This hot spring water supply system adopts PID control method to transfer the water from the hot spring insulating box to the high-temperature water tank through the insulating pipe for heat exchange to achieve the purpose of constant temperature. During the cycle of heat exchange, the water temperature and water delivery volume must be ensured.

The system also provides constant pressure water supply of domestic hot water throughout the hotel and automatic heating of the air conditioning host.


The system uses HUCEEN H7-200 series PLC and compatible modules, and is connected to the PC host computer through Ethernet communication. The PC host computer uses KingView V6.55 version to collect data signals.

1. Sensor collection
The system uses the Huasheng data acquisition module, which can collect up to 8 sets of signals to the module and then transmit the data to the CPU through RS485 communication, which greatly reduces the project cost.

2. Signal distributor
The signal distributor can divide a set of collected analog signal current or voltage types into two, transmit them all the way to the CPU module, and display them all the way to the instrument, saving costs and reducing on-site construction.

3Ethernet communication
The system uses the H7-243-1 Ethernet module to convert Ethernet to optical fiber so that the host computer can collect CPU signals 1000 meters away.

4 PC
The host computer uses KingView V6.55 version, which can create multiple communication connections and collect multiple CPU signals with different addresses at the same time.

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