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What are the functional characteristics and advantages of Huceen's 'Cloud Pigeon' E7 IoT PLC


What are the functional characteristics and advantages of Huceen's 'Cloud Pigeon' E7 IoT PLC1

1、 Perfect compatibility and easy to get started a. The E7-SSMART CPU is programmed using the "STEP 7-MicroWIN SMART" software, which does not change the programming habits of engineers and does not require repeated learning; b. Can run smoothly on Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating systems; 3. Support LAD (ladder diagram), STL (statement table), FBD (function block diagram) programming languages; c. The wiring method of CPU and module is consistent with the S7 series. 2、 Ethereum is economically convenient The CPU body comes standard with an Ethernet interface that integrates powerful Ethernet communication functions. Users can download programs to the PLC through a regular Ethernet cable, which is convenient and fast. It also supports Ethernet S7 protocol and ModbusTCP protocol. 3、 Hidden encryption to protect developers Based on the underlying encryption of the system, it protects developers' intellectual property from leakage. Developers customize the program blocks that need to be encrypted. After encryption, the program is "hidden" when downloaded to the PLC, and cannot be uploaded or copied.

What are the functional characteristics and advantages of Huceen's 'Cloud Pigeon' E7 IoT PLC2

4、 Three axis pulse motion with ease The CPU body can integrate up to 3 high-speed pulse outputs, with a frequency of up to 100Khz. It supports PWM/PTO output modes and various motion modules, and can freely set the motion envelope. Equipped with easy-to-use wizard settings, it can quickly achieve device speed regulation, positioning, and other functions. 5、 Quick update of SD card The CPU body integrates Micro SD card slots, and program updates can be achieved by using the commonly used Micro SD card on the market, greatly facilitating customer engineers' service support for end users. 6、 More options for a wide range of models Provide different types of CPU modules with rich IO points, with a maximum of 40 individual I/O points, which can meet the control needs of most small automation equipment. For different application requirements, product configurations are more flexible and cost control is maximized

What are the advantages of Huceen 200SmartPLC compared to other brands


What are the advantages of Huceen 200SmartPLC compared to other brands

1. Not changing user trial habits, perfectly compatible with an international brand 2. High cost-effectiveness, the same series of products are more competitive when providing solutions to users. 3. Provide a 3-year warranty. 4. Industrial production requires the reliability of control equipment. Compared to other similar products, other PLCs have a longer average time between failures and a shorter average repair time (MTTR). 5. Due to the use of software by Huceen 200SmartPLC to replace a large number of intermediate relays, time relays, counters and other devices in the relay control system, the design, installation, and wiring workload of the control cabinet is greatly reduced. 6. Huceen PLC has a compact structure, ruggedness, small size, light weight, and low power consumption. 7. The PLC has a complete variety of hardware devices, which can form a control system that can meet various requirements. Users do not need to design and manufacture hardware devices themselves. 8. Huceen PLC not only has functions such as logic operation, timing, counting, sequence control, but also has functions such as input and output of digital and analog quantities, power drive, communication, human-machine dialogue, self inspection, record display, etc.
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