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Huceen is a leading company specialized in developing & manufacture of industrial controllers, such as PLC, HMI & IoT in China. Since 2017, we have launched H7-200, H7-200 Smart, E7-200 Smart IoT, H7-300, H7-1200 and other series of PLC host and expanding modules with perfect compatibility and amazing performance for diverse working environment and different industrial fields.
Small size PLC solution, the same platform as S7-200SMART, can be mixed and used with S7-200SMART series PLC; Use "STEP 7-MicroWIN SMART" software programming, does not change the programming habits of engineers, it no need to repeat learning, support high-speed counting, high-speed pulse, PID, GET/PUT wizard; it has 8-way thermocouple, single signal economic analog, rack expansion and other unique solutions.

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  • Universal SD Card

    Universal SD Card

    Quick Update
  • Perfect compatibility

    Perfect compatibility

    Easy to use
  • Three-axis Pulse

    Three-axis Pulse

    Freedom of Movement
  • Rich Models

    Rich Models

    More Choices
H7 1200
H7-1200 series PLC, it is compatible with TIA Portal programming software, stable performance; The analog port has strong tolerance, and the input and output power supply can withstand 60V high voltage, increasing the electrical isolation function; I/O module diagnosis and output freezing function. With high cost performance and reliability, Huceen H7-1200 8-way hot couple module has been widely used in the machinery industry.

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  • Add electrical isolation

    Add electrical isolation

    Safe and reliable
  • Perfect compatibility with TIA Portal

    Perfect compatibility with TIA Portal

    Easy to use
  • I/O and power supply withstand 60V

    I/O and power supply withstand 60V

    Strong tolerance
  • Supports compatibility with S7-1200

    Supports compatibility with S7-1200

    Stable performance
H7 300
Support S7-400H redundant system · Support online hot swap · Support STEP7 and TIA Portal · Support I O redundancy (only one domestic compatible) · Support power failure, short circuit, open circuit system diagnosis function (the most compatible in domestic )

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  • Seamless connection

    Seamless connection

    the S7-1500 PROFINT remote IO
  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

    Perfect compatibility with TIA Portal
  • Flexible configuration

    Flexible configuration

    Support S7-300 and H7-300 hybrid applications
  • High cost effective

    High cost effective

    Stable performance
The E7 series CPU can be integrated with DB-Link IoT card, it no need to programming, no setup, you can easily access to the cloud. It is equipped with Huichen Hcloud cloud platform, with remote programming, data collection, mobile phone monitoring and other functions.

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Cost-effective PLC-It supports AB phase high-speed counting, comes with Ethernet port and serial port communication, its anti-interference ability is strong, compatible with MICROWINSMART 0 learning cost.

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