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Application of Huceen IM155 Profinet distributed IO in MBR integrated sewage treatment equipment

2024-01-31     Huceen

Introduction to MBR-integrated sewage treatment equipment


Given the actual situation of rural and township domestic sewage covering a wide area and a small amount, sewage cannot be fully collected, pipe network investment is high, traditional processes are cumbersome, there is no professional operation and management, and it is difficult to ensure that the effluent reaches stable standards, MBR integrated sewage treatment equipment has the following features Advantage:

1. This process integrates new membrane technology and biological simulation technology, which has good nitrogen and phosphorus removal effects, less residual sludge, a short treatment process, and no sedimentation link.

2. The effluent quality is stable and high-quality. Due to the efficient separation of the membrane, the separation effect is much better than that of the traditional sedimentation tank. The treated effluent is extremely clear, with suspended solids and turbidity close to zero. Bacteria and viruses are greatly removed, and the effluent quality is better than that of the Ministry of Construction. The water quality standard for domestic miscellaneous water issued (CJ25.1-89) can be directly reused as non-potable municipal water.

3. The residual sludge output is small. This process can operate under high volume load and low sludge load. The residual sludge output is low (theoretically, zero sludge discharge can be achieved), which reduces sludge treatment costs.

4. It occupies a small area and is not restricted by the setting location. The bioreactor can maintain a high concentration of microorganisms, and the volumetric load of the treatment device is high, which greatly saves the floor space. The process is simple, the structure is compact, and the floor space is saved. It is not restricted by the installation location and is suitable for any occasion. It can be made into ground type, semi-underground type, and underground type.



Process flow description


Domestic sewage collected through pipelines passes through coarse and fine grilles to remove larger solid particles in the sewage and then enters the regulating tank for water homogenization. The sewage is pumped into the MBR-integrated equipment through a lifting pump. A large number of domesticated bacteria are cultured in the integrated equipment. Under the metabolic action of aerobic and aerobic microorganisms, various pollutants in the sewage are removed. Through the filtration function of the membrane, "solid-liquid separation" can be completely achieved, thereby ensuring that the water turbidity is reduced to an extremely low level. Various pollutants in the sewage are also further removed through the filtration function of the membrane. After treatment, the effluent is directly discharged up to standard, and the remaining organic sludge is discharged at nearly zero.
Huceen IM155

Project system configuration


The main control system of this project uses SIMATIC S7-1200 CPU and Huichen IM155 Profinet distributed IO solution. S7-1200 serves as the Profinet master CPU; the Huichen IM155 Profinet slave module is expanded through the Profinet protocol, and the analog module is expanded after the IM155 module.

Huceen IM155


Huceen IM155