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What are the functional features and advantages of Huceen “Yunge” E7 IoT PLC?

2023-12-05     Huceen

September 15, 2021, is a day worthy of commemoration by every Huceen person, because on this day our "Yunge" E7 IoT PLC was released, but there may still be many people who are not clear about our product. What are the functions and features of networked PLC products? Here I will share with you:

一,Perfect compatibility and easy to use

         1. The E7-SMART CPU is programmed using the "STEP 7-MicroWIN SMART" software, which does not change the engineer's programming habits and does not require repeated learning;

         2. Can run smoothly on Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating system; 3. Supports LAD (Ladder Diagram), STL (Statement List), and FBD (Function Block Diagram) programming languages;

         3. The wiring method of CPU and module is consistent with that of S7 series.

二, Ethernet interconnection is economical and convenient

         The CPU body comes standard with an Ethernet interface and integrates powerful Ethernet communication functions. Users can download programs to the PLC through ordinary network cables, which is convenient and fast. It also supports Ethernet S7 protocol and ModbusTCP protocol.

三,Hidden encryption to protect developers

         Based on the underlying encryption of the system, developers’ intellectual property rights are protected from leakage. Developers can customize the program blocks that need to be encrypted. After encryption, the program is "hidden" when downloaded to the PLC and cannot be uploaded or copied.

四,Three-axis pulse, free movement

         The CPU body integrates up to 3 high-speed pulse outputs with frequencies up to 100Khz. It supports PWM/PTO output methods and a variety of motion modules, and the motion envelope can be freely set. Equipped with a convenient and easy-to-use wizard setting function, it can quickly realize equipment speed adjustment, positioning and other functions.

五, Universal SD card quick update

          The CPU body is integrated with a Micro SD card slot. Program updates can be implemented using a commonly used Micro SD card on the market, which greatly facilitates customer engineers’ service support to end users.

六,Rich models and more choices

         Different types of CPU modules with rich IO points are provided. The number of single I/O points can reach up to 40 points, which can meet the control needs of most small automation equipment. For different application requirements, product configuration is more flexible and costs can be controlled to the maximum extent.

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