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In the 5G era, domestic PLC is about to take off

2023-12-05     Huceen

With the advent of the 5G era, the development of domestic PLC industrial interconnection will accelerate. Many technical fields that were previously impossible will become a reality. The industrial Internet of Things will develop rapidly. As an important equipment in industrial control, for a long time, domestically produced PLC is in a blank stage, so in the stage of accelerating industrial interconnection, the development of domestic PLC is also very important.

For a long time, the domestic PLC market has been occupied by foreign brands. Domestic PLC has always been in the development stage and occupies a small part of the market. We at Huceen Automation can be said to be the earliest PLC manufacturer in China to master Smart technology. We have many models of this series of products, our products do not change users' trial habits, are perfectly compatible with an international brand, and are cost-effective. Products of the same series are more competitive when making solutions for users. A five-year warranty is provided to give users no worries. Even domestic peers tremble when they see this. No manufacturer dares to make such a promise. As the first PLC manufacturer in China to master Smart technology, we are very confident in our own products, so we dare to make promises to solve customer problems. of worries.

Our advantage:

1. Due to completely localized R&D, production, sales and technical support, domestic SmartPLC manufacturers have a large cost advantage, and this cost advantage directly translates into product price advantage.

2. The services of domestic PLC manufacturers are implemented by relevant company personnel, and PLC manufacturers can directly face end users. Because the company's technical personnel fully understand their products and can quickly solve problems found in practical applications, they can significantly improve service levels and service quality. In addition, domestic PLC manufacturers can provide users with free value-added services during PLC pre-sales, sales and after-sales. For example, in the face of many small and medium-sized users, our company has launched free training and free solution design services, which have been well received by the majority of users.

3. Due to completely localized R&D, production, sales and technical support, domestic PLC manufacturers can customize personalized products according to the special needs of users. In actual work, some users hope to have functions such as switching input, switching output, analog input and analog output on a PLC module at the same time. At the same time, the output must have both relays and transistors. Domestic PLC manufacturers can quickly customize special needs for users that cannot be provided by general-purpose PLCs. It is difficult for Chinese users and Chinese employees of multinational companies to quickly directly feedback such special needs to foreign manufacturers and promote product improvements.

I believe that the development of industrial Internet will be inseparable from the development of domestic PLC in the future. The development of domestic PLC is inseparable from the continuous innovation and development of our Huceen. I hope everyone can also support domestic production.
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