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What are the advantages and features of Huceen IoT HBOX?

2024-01-10     Huceen

I believe many people have heard of the Internet of Things, but don’t know what the Internet of Things is. Today I will introduce to you an industrial IoT box called HBOX developed and produced by Huichen Automation. In the past, you have only heard of it. It’s a concept, now let’s take a look at specific IoT products.
Huceen IoT HBOX

What are the advantages and features of this IoT HBOX?


1. Rich protocols

Local analysis, integrated with a large number of communication protocols, supports fast connection of most mainstream brands of PLCHMI inverters and other equipment on the market.

2. Mobile monitoring

You can view equipment status alarm information, statistical reports, and other information anytime and anywhere through mobile phones, mobile computers, and other methods.

3. Remote debugging

Supports PLC or HMI remote program downloading, online monitoring, etc., which can quickly query the cause of faults, greatly reducing the frequency of engineers' business trips, reducing travel costs, and improving the quality of after-sales service.

4. Extremely fast throttling

All data is sent on demand and undergoes strict data compression, which greatly reduces data traffic and improves data exchange efficiency.

5. Data security

Hardware key identification and data transmission adopt the P2P remote secure communication method, combined with RSA encryption algorithm, account permission management, and layer-by-layer protection with SMS security verification to ensure communication security and strictly prevent data leakage.

6. Stable and reliable

Supports disconnection reconnection, abnormal recovery, and system self-monitoring to ensure the normal operation of the device's real-time online system.

I believe everyone will be stunned after seeing this IoT product. If you want to know more about the Internet of Things or want to know about purchasing our products, you can directly find our phone number on the website to contact us. We have professional Technical support here to answer your questions.