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200smart PLC’s Most User-friendly TC Module AT08

2023-12-18     Huceen

We know that the 200 smart series thermocouple temperature measurement module has a maximum of 4 channels. For some special industries, 4-channel thermocouples cannot meet the needs of users. After many industry surveys, Huichen Automation has carefully analyzed the pain points of user needs and targeted them. Propose AT08 product solutions comprehensively.

Many industries have a large number of control points and require a large number of modules to be configured. However, the 200smart CPU can only be configured with a maximum of 6 modules. When the number of modules exceeds 6, you have to add another CPU to meet the number of modules. This way The second CPU only serves to expand the number of modules, and the two CPUs also need to communicate with each other. This not only increases the operational difficulty of the solution configuration but also increases the cost of the solution. The AT08 solution launched by Huichen Automation solves this problem very well.


We have a case here:

Because the S7-200 product of a foreign brand has been upgraded to the S7-200SMART series, the customer has always wanted to update the S7-200 system to the S7-200smart system. However, the 200smart series of a foreign brand does not currently have an 8-channel thermocouple module. If 4 channels are used, The SMART thermocouple module will exceed the maximum number of expansion modules that the SMART CPU can achieve by 6 pieces. At this point, the H7-200SMART 8-channel thermocouple module launched by Huichen has solved customer confusion!