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Application of Huceen PLC in Heat Treatment Industry

2023-11-22     Huceen

Huceen Automation’s continuous investment in research and development continues to pay off on the product side. With the continuous improvement of the SMART series PLC product line, Huceen PLC has been widely used in various industries. Previously, Industrial Control Hui Ge shared with us The application of Huceen PLC in the HVAC industry, so what applications has Huceen PLC found in the metal heat treatment industry?

Huceen PLC and IoT HBOX have been widely used in the metal heat treatment industry. Judging from the actual situation of customer applications, Huceen PLC's fast operation speed and good stability have been recognized by industry customers.

The metal heat treatment industry has many on-site information collection points, long transmission distances, and many on-site frequency conversions. The anti-interference requirements of the products are relatively high. At the same time, customers require the ability to see the operating status information of the equipment in real-time.

Combining the above characteristics of the customer's application industry, Qigong used the combined application of Huceen PLC thermocouple module and IoT HBOX. Judging from the current operation, it runs fast and is stable without any problems.

We can make a summary:

1. Huceen PLC runs fast and stably

2. On-site data collection is reliable and stable, with strong anti-interference ability

3. The Internet of Things of on-site equipment can facilitate information sharing among on-site personnel.

4. Easy maintenance, faults can be discovered in advance through the network.