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Huceen Automation appeared at the

2024-03-13     Huceen

From March 3rd to March 6th, the 2024 Guangzhou International Intelligent Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition was grandly held at the Guangzhou Import and Export Fair Complex. Huceen Automation showed up at this exhibition with the H7-1200 series, E7-200samrt series, E3-200smart series, and Yunge IoT demonstration solution. The rich products and demonstration solutions attracted many domestic and foreign visitors to the booth for consultation and discussion.
Huceen Automation PLC

Exhibit information

At this exhibition, Huceen Automation made a grand appearance with its H7-1200 series, E7-200samrt series, E3-200smart series, and Yunge IoT demonstration solution:

H7-1200 series: will be launched in December 2022. After its launch, it has been stably used in many industries and has received excellent market response. The entire series of software and hardware is compatible with S7-1200. It is highly compatible, quick to get started, and plug-and-play;

E7-200samrt series: It has a stable application foundation in the market for 8 years and is used stably in heating furnaces, water treatment, new energy, and other industries. The entire series of software and hardware is compatible with S7-200SMART and supports Ethernet S7, Modbus TCP, and UDP communication protocols;

E3-200smart series: Will be launched in May 2023. Once E3-SR20 is launched, the response has been excellent. It is perfectly compatible with MicroWIN SMART. 0 learning cost, does not change engineers’ habits, gets started faster, supports PUT/GET wizard, supports Modbus TCP protocol and open type user communication; supports Modbus rtu, PPI, free communication; subsequently launched 30/40/60 in September of the same year to optimize performance and provide more choices;
Huceen PLC Manufacturer

Concurrent seminar

During the exhibition, Huceen Marketing Manager Liu Yuni was invited to deliver a speech on "Innovative Application of Internet of Things PLC in Intelligent Manufacturing" at the same seminar. Manager Liu said that the new opportunities and challenges faced by intelligent manufacturing in the Industry 4.0 environment New challenges will be the top priority of its digital transformation, and IoT PLC can better help smart manufacturing complete digital transformation and upgrading. With the help of Huceen Industrial IoT solutions, it can realize remote maintenance, data analysis, and other functions of the project. Let the advantages of professionalism replace the advantages of distance and provide customers with fast delivery, high quality, low cost, and personalized solutions.

I would like to sincerely thank every customer and audience friend who came to the booth. Your presence made this exhibition a complete success. In the future, Huceen will continue to work hard to bring products of higher quality and more in line with the market to more users. We look forward to our next meeting.
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