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Application of Huceen E7-20XP PLC in mining high-voltage solid-state soft-start control cabinet

2024-03-14     Huceen

Since the current of large and medium-sized motors is too large when started directly, which may reach 5-7 times the rated current, they cannot be started directly. In this case, high-voltage soft starters are particularly widely used in industrial and mining enterprises. As an effective starting method, high-voltage soft starters reduce the starting current and speed to achieve a smooth and smooth starting process, thereby reducing the impact load of the motor and the wear and tear of the equipment. The soft starter can not only reduce energy loss during the starting process but also extend the service life of the equipment and reduce operation and maintenance costs. Therefore, the application of high-voltage soft starters in industrial and mining enterprises has been increasingly recognized and supported.


Project Introduction


This project adopts a closed-loop control system, which dynamically collects the current signal during the motor starting process and the voltage signal at both ends of the saturated reactor through the sensor on the main loop, automatically adjusts the excitation current of the reactor, smoothly changes the reactance value of the reactor, and limits the starting current. , to achieve the purpose of smooth starting of the motor. In a closed iron core circuit with high magnetic permeability, the AC winding is connected in series on one side of the circuit, and the magnetic flux generated during operation is in the same direction. The DC winding (control excitation winding) is connected in series on the other side of the circuit in the opposite direction, and the magnetic flux generated during operation is in The direction opposite. By changing the current of the excitation winding, the magnetic permeability of the core can be controlled to meet the amplification effect of the AC side. This principle is the harmonic-free control technology.
Huceen E7-20XP PLC

The main functional features are as follows:

1. Phase loss protection: During startup or operation, if any phase of the main power supply is disconnected, the system will immediately take protective measures.

2. Operating overcurrent protection: When the operating current exceeds the set value, the system will quickly implement protective action.

3. Phase current imbalance protection: If the three-phase current imbalance exceeds the set limit value, the system will activate the protection function.

4. Overload protection: Protection is carried out according to the preset overload curve, which is divided into 6 levels and the current range is 10A to 30A.

5. Start-up timeout protection: If the startup process is not completed within the set startup limit time, the system will automatically enter the protection state.

6. Overvoltage protection: When the main power supply voltage is higher than 120% of the rated value, the system will automatically perform overvoltage protection.

7. Under-voltage protection: When the main power supply voltage is lower than 80% of the rated value, the system will automatically perform under-voltage protection.

8. Phase sequence protection: allows normal operation under any phase sequence and can be adjusted through parameter settings.

9. Starter over-temperature protection: When the temperature of the magnetic saturation reactor exceeds the set value, the system will automatically enter the over-temperature protection mode.

10. Bypass opening protection: When the bypass switch is suddenly opened and the magnetic saturation reactor is reconnected to the main circuit, the system will take corresponding protection measures.
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1 CPUSR20XP E7 288-1SR20-XPA1E7288-1SR20-XPA1 SR20XP,12DI/8DO4AI/2AO,以太网x1,RS485x2 1

Huceen E7-20XP PLC
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