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Application of Huceen E7 Smart PLC in Pre-spinning Dust Filter Unit

2024-03-06     Huceen

The textile process mainly includes: blowing, drawing, roving, spinning, winding, weaving, and other processes. The textile materials generally include wool, cotton, and linen polyester. During the production process, a large amount of fine dust such as flying flowers and fibers will remain on the machine and the ground. At the same time, textile equipment is prone to accumulate a large amount of dust during the working process. It is necessary to use a large amount of dust filtering equipment to promptly absorb and collect the dust produced during the production process. Dust-containing fibers such as debris and dust. To improve product quality, reduce dust concentration in the workshop, and improve the working environment of workers.


Project Introduction

In the blowroom and carding process of the pre-spinning industry, dust filtering equipment is widely used. Old-fashioned dust filtering equipment occupies a large area, has an unsatisfactory dust filtering effect, uses time relay control, and has a high failure rate. For this reason, the honeycomb dust filter unit of this project uses Huceen E7-200 SMART series PLC as the controller, which realizes automatic operation of the unit, accurate positioning of large and small cars, and meets the requirements of interlocking, pressure difference, fire alarm, and unit self-protection. , ensuring the stable and reliable operation of the blowroom and carding process systems.
Huceen E7-200 SMART

Automatic control principle of dust filter unit:

① Determine the position of the cart by detecting the sensor installed on the guide rail groove of the cart, thereby determining the operating status of the dust collection fan; ② Determine the energy consumption braking of the cart by detecting the positioning sensor installed on the guide rail groove of the cart;

③ Determine whether the dust collection fan should be braked by energy consumption by calculating whether the PLC internal counter is the set value;

④ By calculating whether the energy consumption braking time relay of the dust collection fan inside the PLC is the set value, the action of the dust compactor is determined and delayed;

⑤ By detecting the pressure difference signal of the unit, it is determined whether the unit should be shut down in a delayed manner and alarm;

⑥Determine the frequency conversion speed regulation of the main fan by detecting the signal of the pressure sensor at the air inlet of the unit;

⑦ By detecting the system fire alarm signal, it is decided whether to shut down the unit immediately and turn on the siren.
Huceen E7-200 SMART

The main functions that E7-200 SMART needs to achieve

Manual control: The operator can start and stop each unit of equipment in the unit with a single button on the cabinet door operation button;

Automatic control: Press the unit start button, and the unit will run stably according to the program: unit level one → unit level two → main fan.

Fault interlocking: If any motor in the unit is overloaded, an alarm will occur. When the maintenance personnel eliminate the alarm, the alarm will be eliminated and the unit will continue to operate.

Timeout alarm: To prevent large and small cars from getting stuck during operation, the control system is equipped with large and small car overtime alarm systems.

PLC control system configuration:

Serial number Name Model Remark Quantity
1 E7-SR30P E7-288 1SR30 OPA1 DI18/DO12,Ethernet x 1,RS4856 x 1 1
Huceen E7-200 SMART

Application experience

1. Huceen automation solution has stable and reliable performance!

2. The PLC development and debugging ideas are consistent with S7-200 smart. Engineers do not need to learn again, making a perfect transition.

3. High cost-effectiveness, improving the price-performance ratio of customer products.

4. High-quality technical services, Huceen helps customers with a full set of services from process analysis, plan setting, and selection to product use.