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Application of 200smart plc cpu ST40S in mask machine

2023-12-20     Huceen

      Because of the epidemic, mask machines are very popular, and mask machines also need the support of our PLC. The case I want to introduce today is the application of our Huichen 200smart plc cpu ST40S in the mask machine. Without further ado, we will directly Serve

      We can know that the customer of the flat mask ear strap welding machine uses Huichen Automation's 200smart CPU ST40S. ST40S contains 24 points of digital input, 16 points of digital output, and 2 communication ports, one of which is an Ethernet port. , the other one is port 485 or PPI port. What needs special mention is that Huichen provides a 5-year warranty for the ST40S. Therefore, customers are very confident in using our products.

      Stability is very important in the flat mask ear strap welding machine. Customers also learned through their own channels that our Huichen products are very reliable together, so they took the initiative to contact us and use our 200smart plc cpu ST40S for support. How is the use of the flat mask ear strap welding machine? After using it, customers expressed that it was very stable and gave our products a lot of likes.

      Our Huichen 200smart series products have a wide range of applications. If you are interested in our products or don’t know anything about them, you can contact us at any time. Our products are very cost-effective. Please believe us, support us, and support domestic PLCs. development of.
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