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Application of E3-200 Smart PLC in Automobile Floor mat Plastic Molding Equipment

2024-02-01     Huceen

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, automobile floor mats are an important part of interior decoration and comfort, and their production efficiency and quality control have become crucial. Automotive floor mat plastic molding equipment is the core link in the manufacturing process, which directly affects the molding effect and production speed of the product.


Project Introduction


This project is aimed at automobile floor mat plastic molding equipment and uses Huichen E3-200 Smart PLC as the core control system. This equipment is used to heat, shape, and ultimately cool plastic materials into the desired shape of automotive floor mats. Through the intelligent control of PLC, high-precision, high-stability and high-efficiency operation of the equipment can be achieved.


Main control program


1. Material feeding control: PLC controls the feeding mechanism to accurately place the plastic plates (sheets) in the heating area. Monitor the position and status of materials through sensors to ensure the accuracy and stability of the loading process;

2. Heating control: Huichen E3-200 Smart PLC accurately controls the power and time of the heating element to ensure that the plastic material is evenly heated to the temperature required for molding. Ensure the stability and consistency of molding quality through real-time temperature feedback and adjustment;

3. Molding control: PLC controls actuators such as vacuum pumps and pneumatic cylinders to accurately control the vacuum degree and pressure during the molding process. According to the preset molding parameters, high-precision molding of the shape of the foot pad is achieved;

4. Cooling control: The cooling system is controlled by PLC to quickly and evenly cool the formed foot pads to ensure the stability and durability of the product. During the cooling process, PLC monitors temperature changes and adjusts cooling parameters in real-time;

5. Fault diagnosis and safety protection: Huichen E3-200 Smart PLC has a fault diagnosis function, real-time monitoring of equipment operating status, and timely alarm and shutdown when a fault occurs. At the same time, PLC also provides safety functions such as overload protection and short-circuit protection to ensure the safe operation of equipment and the safety of operators;

6. Data recording and remote monitoring: PLC records key parameters and event data in the production process in real-time through the built-in data recording function. This data can be used for production reporting, quality traceability, and equipment performance optimization. In addition, PLC also supports remote monitoring functions, allowing managers to remotely view equipment status and production data through a host computer or mobile device to achieve remote management and scheduling.

E3-200 Smart PLC

PLC control system configuration

As the core control system of this project, Huichen E3-200 Smart PLC is highly programmable and flexible. According to the process needs and production requirements of automobile floor mat plastic molding equipment, corresponding control programs can be customized and written to meet different production modes and product quality standards. At the same time, the PLC is also equipped with an intuitive touchscreen interface, allowing operators to easily operate equipment, parameter settings, and status monitoring, improving the convenience and efficiency of production operations.