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Application of Huceen IM155 Profinet distributed IO solution in heat exchange station

2023-12-20     Huceen

Plate heat exchange station introduction:
The heat exchange station area includes plate heat exchangers, electric regulating valves, circulating water pumps, water supply pumps, primary water secondary pumps and their ancillary equipment; it can ensure winter heating for surrounding communities and commercial streets.

heat exchange station

PLC control system configuration
The main control system of this project uses SIMATIC S7-1200 paired with Huichen IM155 Profinet distributed IO solution. S7-1200 serves as the Profinet master CPU and expands 4 RS485 ports to communicate with on-site heat meters and water meters respectively; the Huichen IM155 Profinet slave module is expanded through the Profinet protocol, and the analog input module is expanded after the IM155 module for collection Water pipe temperature and pressure, as well as the current of the frequency converter, the extended analog output module is used to adjust the frequency of the frequency converter and on-site valve opening adjustment.

Huceen PLC configuration table
serial number name model Remark quantity
1 Profinet interface module H7 155 1PN01 0AA0 IM55, PN slave module 1
2 Analog input module H7 288 3AE08 0AA0 8AI,0-20Ma/0-10V 4
3 Analog output module H7 288 3AQ04 0AA0 4AO,0-20Ma/0-10V 3


The main function:
  1. Water pump rotation training: Automatic cycle switching of multiple pumps to avoid wear or corrosion of water pumps due to long-term use or long-term deactivation.
  2.  Interlocking protection: water shortage protection, water pump failure protection, frequency converter failure alarm, automatically stopping the pump when the protection is enabled, and automatically starting the water pump when the fault is eliminated.
  3. Temperature compensation: The temperature can be automatically adjusted according to the outdoor temperature.
  4. Automatic water replenishment: When automatic water replenishment is started, the equipment does not require personnel to be on duty, and the pressure of the circulation pipeline is automatically constant at the target set value.
Features of Huichen PLC in the case
  • Huichen's unique PN interface SMART distributed remote IO module IM155 supports PN slave protocol and can be connected to the PN master station as an expansion interface for remote sites.
  • It supports expansion of 8 SMART modules.
  • The body integrates 2*RJ45 network ports and can build a ring.
  • Network, users choose Portal programming to be convenient and efficient.
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