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Application of H7-200 Smart PLC in Liquid Cooled High and Low Temperature Testing Machine for New Energy Vehicles

2024-05-08     Huceen

With the acceleration of global energy conversion, new energy vehicles are gradually replacing traditional fuel vehicles. In this context, the performance, safety, and stability of new energy vehicles have become the focus of user attention. To meet these needs, liquid cooled high and low temperature testing machines have emerged. Through professional and strict performance testing of new energy vehicles in high and low temperature environments, they ensure excellent vehicle quality and safe and stable operation. The liquid cooled high and low temperature testing machine not only ensures the quality of new energy vehicles, but also contributes to the sustainable development of the entire automotive industry, helping new energy vehicles lead the new trend of future travel.

Equipment Overview

The main functional testing items provided by the liquid cooled high and low temperature testing machine include: 1 Measure the lift and flow rate of the water pump, and capture its flow rate and lift characteristic curve. 2. Evaluate the water pump flow rate during the actual operation of the vehicle. 3. Test the heat dissipation characteristics of the radiator and generate a heat dissipation characteristic report. 4. Present the temperature characteristic curve of typical measuring points.

The main functions include:

(1) Safety guarantee: equipped with safety equipment such as pressure relief valves and exhaust valves, as well as water replenishment ports, with leakage alarm function;
(2) Remote control: With the function of setting temperature and flow rate remotely, it can read temperature, flow rate, and pressure values in real time;
(3) Working mode: supports local and remote manual or automatic control;
(4) Communication interface: Provide RS232/485 or CAN communication interface and corresponding communication protocol.

PLC configuration table
Number name model notes
1 CPU H7 288-1SR30-0PA0 18DI/12DO
2 Analog module H7 288-3AR04-0AA0 4RTD
3 Analog module H7 288-3AM06-0AA0 4AI/2AO
4 Digital module H7 288-2DT08-0AA0 8DO

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