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Application of Huceen 200smart PLC in SMT lead-free reflow equipment control system

2023-12-20     Huceen

      With the rapid development of electronic products, the reflow soldering equipment industry for soldering boards has developed rapidly. In recent years, Huceen  Automation 200smart PLC has also been widely used in the reflow soldering equipment industry. Today, Mr. Xu Yongzhang, a master of Huceen automation technology, shared with us "Application of Huceen  H7-200smart-PLC in SMT lead-free reflow soldering equipment control system".

200smart project introduction

         Reflow soldering is the process of remelting the solder paste that has been pre-distributed on the printed circuit board pads to achieve mechanical and electrical soldering between the solder ends or pins of surface-mounted components and the printed circuit board pads. It is to weld the components to the PCB board. Reflow soldering is for surface mount devices. Reflow soldering is to test the effect of hot air flow on the solder joints. The physical reaction of the adhesive flux in a certain high temperature atmosphere reaches the level of SMD. Welding; the reason why it is called reflow soldering is because the gas circulates in the welding machine to generate high temperature to achieve the purpose of welding.


Without further ado, let’s go directly to the solution configuration:

         After H7-224s 200smart plc undergoes PID operation, the digital output module drives the solid-state relay, and the solid-state relay drives the heating tube. The heating tube uses the heating time to control the temperature inside the device. The temperature sensor measures the temperature of the electric furnace, and the temperature signal is directly input to the H7-200smart 8-channel thermocouple module, and then sent to the H7-224S CPU for PID calculation, and so on. The CPU reaches the frequency converter through the MODBUS RTU control panel for transmission operation. Industrial computers are used for monitoring and sending equipment! ! The hardware configuration of the entire system is shown in the figure below.

The above is the entire workflow of the application of Huceen 200smart PLC in the SMT lead-free reflow equipment control system. If you have any questions, you can contact us directly and we can provide you with more professional answers.
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