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Application of Huceen IM155 Porfinet Distributed IO in Cold and Heat Source Group Control System

2023-12-20     Huceen

What is a cold and heat source group control system?

       The cold and heat source group control system achieves energy-saving, precise control, and convenient operation and maintenance through the automatic control of multiple central air conditioning cold and heat source units and peripheral equipment (including refrigeration pumps, cooling pumps, and cooling towers). The system collects and controls various transmission and output signals to achieve remote management and control of multiple cold and heat source units. At the same time, it also integrates interlocking control of refrigeration pumps, cooling pumps, and cooling towers into management. The monitoring computer in the cold and heat source group control system monitors and controls various important parameters of these devices, and serves as the operating interface for managers. On this boundary, various operational parameters can be set or modified by understanding the operating status of the equipment, such as setting the unit operating schedule, modifying the unit's outlet temperature control value, etc.


       This project is a group control system for cold and heat sources in a building's computer room. Through communication between the on-site controller and the upper computer, it achieves centralized management and monitoring of the air conditioning room equipment and terminal equipment. Starting from scientific energy management, it reduces the management cost and operating energy consumption of the central air conditioning system, realizes unmanned operation of the computer room, ensures the safe operation of the central air conditioning system, and maximizes the operational efficiency of the central air conditioning system.

Cold and heat source unit

PLC system configuration

       The project is divided into 20 control stations, and each station's main control system uses SIMATIC S7-1200 combined with Huceen IM155 Profinet distributed IO scheme. S7-1200 serves as the Profinet master station CPU and extends the RS485 port for data exchange with on-site units through Modbus RTU protocol; Expand the Huceen IM155 Profinet slave module through the Profinet protocol, and expand the corresponding IO module according to process requirements after the IM155 module for controlling and detecting water pumps and valves. And collect data such as room temperature and pipeline temperature and pressure.

Network topology diagram in Portal software


Control system network topology diagram



On-site PLC photos

Major function:

      Equipment group control: It can achieve control and adjustment of all hosts, circulating water pumps, cooling towers, valves, and other equipment within the system, as well as status monitoring.

       Smart maintenance: It can automatically calculate the machine running time and prompt users for maintenance.

       Energy saving control: Automatically calculate the number of starts based on the cooling (heating) load in the system, adjust the optimal combination, and achieve efficient energy conservation.

      Equipment interlocking: achieve soft interlocking switch control of equipment such as the host, circulating water pump, cooling tower, and valves.
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