H7-1200 product features

2024-01-09     Huceen

1. Add electrical isolation function

The channel detection circuit and module backplane circuit of the H7-1200AI/AO module have been added with electrical isolation, which allows for damage to only the module detection circuit if the module channel or power supply is connected to high voltage.without affecting the backplane circuit; thus, PLC modules on the same rack will not be damaged by high voltage.

2. Perfect compatibility with TIA Portal programming software

H7-1200 PLC uses TIA Portal software for programming, which does not change the programming habits of engineers and requires no repeated learning.

3. Can be used with S7-1200 series

It can be directly used as an expansion module for the S7-1200 CPU; the module configuration method in the Taurus software is consistent with that of the S7-1200 series modules; the wiring method of the module is consistent with that of the S7-1200 series modules.

4. The analog port has strong tolerance

Both input and output and power supply can withstand 60V high voltage

5. IO module diagnosis and output freeze function

Input channels support noise suppression and filtering functions; input channels support overrun and underflow break diagnosis functions; output channels support CPU STOP output freezing function
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