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Huceen's Cloud Pigeon IoT PLC New Product Launch Conference Held in Shenzhen1

2023-11-30     Huceen

Recently, Shenzhen Huceen Automation held a "Cloud Pigeon" IoT PLC new product launch event at the OCT Intercontinental Hotel. The theme of this event is "Idealism of a PLC Product Manager". We invite multiple experts, engineers, and high-quality enterprise representatives from across the country to focus on exploring hot topics such as cloud pigeon IoT PLC new products, industrial upgrading and transformation, and IOT ecological construction, with the theme of "industrial digital upgrading and transformation".

At the event, several industry experts expressed their views on the new products of IoT PLC and their ideas for the future development of industrial IoT. The on-site guests and tens of thousands of online viewers jointly witnessed the launch of Huceen's "Cloud Pigeon" IoT PLC new product, and reorganized and recognized the definition and landing products of PLC.

It is understood that Huceen is a platform mainly oriented towards technology research and development. It has established more than 30 channels of cooperation, serving more than 10 listed companies, with over 10000 cloud devices and more than 3000 enterprises settled on the platform. Through the research and development and production of PLC products, it has solved the problems of resource occupation, high maintenance costs, and closed doors in the data network.

The theme sharing section of the event was introduced by Li Hai, the product manager of Huceen Automation, The new product of the Cloud Pigeon series is capable of "combining" A high-tech channel product that integrates cloud and control, without programming or setting up, and can be easily accessed to the cloud. By pairing with the Huceen Hcloud cloud platform, remote programming is easily achieved, perfectly compatible and easy to use. In addition, this new product also has advantages such as Ethernet connectivity, convenient economy, three axis pulse motion, hidden encryption, protection for developers, and fast update of universal SD cards. Huceen is currently in the process of product implementation and promotion In addition to discount and benefit feedback programs, Huceen also launches partner support programs and social feedback programs. Huceen can customize development and authorize OEM production according to needs. In addition, in gratitude for the support of society, Huceen donated 100 sets of equipment sales to the Public Welfare Association.


In the interactive experience section of this event, attendees experienced the "Cloud Pigeon" series of products and systems. Some users on site expressed that by experiencing the new IoT PLC product on site, not only can various data collection and aggregation be achieved, various processes can be visualized, and scientific decision-making can be assisted. The "Cloud Pigeon" series of products can help users in industrial production and achieve remote maintenance and management of equipment, Improve equipment service efficiency and achieve stable production.
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