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SM 1231 AI8 x 13 Bits

Analog input module AI 8 x 13 bit,Power Consumption 2.3W

Model no

SM 1231 AI 8x13bit

Article No

H7 231-4HF32-0XB0


Analog input module AI 8 x 13 bit,

Dimensions WxHxD(mm)

Product parameters Wiring diagram Relevant information
Specification parameters Model no.

SM 1231 AI8 x 13 Bits

Article No. H7 231-4HF32-0XB0
Description Analog input module AI 8 x 13 bits
Conventional norm

Dimensions WxHxD(mm)

Power Consumption 2.3W
Current Consumption(SM bus) 90mA
Current Consumption(24V DC) 45mA
Analog input Number of Inputs 8
Input type voltage or current (differential): 2 can be selected as a group range
Input range ±10 V、± 5 V、± 2.5 V or 0 - 20 mA
Full scale range(Data word) -27648-27648 
Overshoot/undershoot range(Data word)

Voltage: 32,511-27,649/-27,649 - -32,512
Current: 32,511-27,649/0 - -4,864

Overflow/Underflow (Data Word)

Voltage: 32,767-32,512/-32,513 - -32,768
Current: 32,767-32,512/-4865 - -32,768

Data format 12 bits + signal bits
Max. Voltage/Current Resistance ±60V/±40mA
Smoothness None, weak, medium or strong
Noise suppression 400、60、50 or 10Hz
Isolation(field side and logic side) None
Precision(25℃/0-55℃) full range ±0.1%/±0.2% 
Working Signal Range signal plus common mode voltage must be <+12V and >-12V
Diagnosis:Overflow/underflow Support
Circuit Break(Current Mode Only) not applicable
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