Digital value output module DQ8xRLY

  • Model no: SM 1222 DQ 8xRLY
  • Article No: H7 222-1HF32-0XB0
  • Description: Digital value output module DQ8 xRLY
  • Dimensions WxHxD(mm): 45x100x75mm
  • I/O:
Model no

SM 1222 DQ 8xRLY

Article NoH7 222-1HF32-0XB0
DescriptionDigital value output module DQ8 xRLY
Conventional norm

Dimensions WxHxD(mm)


Power dissipatio4.5W

Available currentSM bus 120mA

Available currentSensor power 24V)Each relay coil used is 11mA
Digital output

Output points


TypeElectric Relay,Dry contact

Voltage range5-30VDC or 5-250VAC

Logic 1 signal at maximum current-

Logic 0 signal with10KΩ load-

Electric current(Maximum)2A

Lamp load30W DC/200W AC

Flood leakage current at each point-

Inrush currentThe contact is 7A when it’s closed

isolate(Field side and Logic side)1500 V AC,sustained 1 min(Coils and contacts);None (coil and logic side)

Isolation group 2

Current at each common terminal(Maximum)10A

Time-delay switch

Up to 10ms

Mechanical life(non-loaded)10,000,000 disconnect/close cycles

Contact life at rated load100,000 disconnect/close cycles

Behavior during RUN-STOP Lamp loaPrevious value or replacement value (default is 0)

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