IM ET08 Communication Interface Module

  • Model no: IM ET08
  • Article No: H7 288-9ET08-0AA0
  • Description: Extension rack module 6 smart Series IO modules can be Expandable
  • Dimensions WxHxD(mm): 47×100×81mm
  • I/O:
Model no


Article NoH7 288-9ET08-0AA0

Extension rack module 6 smart Series IO modules can be Expandable

Conventional norm

Dimensions WxHxD(mm)


Power input voltage20.4-28.8VDC

Power input currentInterface module only:2mA;Maximum load:1500mA

Power dissipation2W

5VDC Current supply for the backplane1300mA,The backplane current is continuously supplied
Communication interface

Electrical type

RJ45(Polarity adaptive is not supported)

Transmission rate10Mbit/s和100Mbit/s

Isolation or notYes(Field and logic)
Digital input

Input type

Drain type/source type (IEC Class 1 leakage type)

Input points4

Rated voltage24VDC

Surge voltage(Maximum)35VDC,0.5s

Logic 1 signal(Minimum)15VDC

Logic 0 signal(Maximum)5VDC

Input delay(Maximum)4.5ms

Photoelectric isolation(Field side and Logic side)500VAC,1min
Digital output

Output type

Transistor output,Solid State -MOSFET (Source type)

Output points4

Rated voltage24VDC

Voltage range20.4-28.8VDC

Surge voltage(Maximum)8A,100ms

Rated current for each point(Maximum)0.75A

Switching frequency (Maximum)/

On-off delay(Maximum)150us

Photoelectric isolation (Field side and Logic side)500VAC,1min

Contact endurance


Rated load/
Function description


The H7-200Smart series Ethernet interface module transmits the IO data of the IO module extended after 

the interface module to the master station through the S7 slave station protocol.

It has the following characteristics:A maximum of six smart expansion modules can be expanded Support 

S7, access to zone I, Q, AI, AQ and V; Available via S7 protocol (as slave)

Convenient and efficient S7 communication with the S7-200SMART or H7-smart series CPU

Support module type

All digital value and analog value expansion modules are supported 

(including I/O modules that use the V zone), DP01 is not supported.

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  • 分组 1.png
  • 分组 1 (1).png
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