IM 155 Communication Interface Module-Ethernet

  • Model no: IM 155
  • Article No: H7 155-1PN01-0AA0
  • Description: The ethernet-based PROFINET slave interface module extends eight smart family modules
  • Dimensions WxHxD(mm): 47×100×81mm
  • I/O:
Model no

IM 155

Article NoH7 155-1PN01-0AA0
DescriptionThe ethernet-based PROFINET slave interface module extends eight smart family modules
Conventional norm

Dimensions WxHxD(mm)


Power input voltage20.4-28.8VDC

Power input current2A

Power dissipation2W
PROFINET Communication parametersCommunication interface2 RJ45 ports

Electrical typeRJ45(Polarity adaptive is not supported)

Transmission rate100 Mbps, full duplex

Supported Ethernetping arp Network Diagnosis(SNMP)/MIB-2 LLDP

Minimum cycle time5ms

Third party PROFINET main stationSupport

The distance between the slave stations is the longest100m(100BASE-TX)

Topological structureSupports star-like, tree form, line and ring topology
Hardware configuration functionImport file typePROFINET GSD file, XML format

Extended capability

Support for 8 H7200 Smart Module Extensions

The expansion module can add digital module, Analog module,temperature module

Isolation and protectionInterface isolationRJ45 Communication network port transformer isolation

Power supply protectionThe power supply terminal provides reverse protection and surge absorption functions
Function descriptionOverview

IM155 communication interface module is a distributed IO module developed by Huceen Automation for system integration customers. It has high-speed Ethernet communication, supports Profinet slave station communication protocol, and can be mounted under Profinet master station equipment. A single module can be extended to 8 Huceen H7smart modules, Siemens S7smart modules and Huceen H5 series smart modules.

Product characteristics

High speed Ethernet communication

It Support Profinet master/slave communication protocol

Flexible and extensible smart series modules

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  • 分组 1.png
  • 分组 1 (1).png
  • 分组 1 (2).png

  • 分组 2.png
  • 分组 1.png
  • 分组 1 (1).png
  • 分组 1 (2).png

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