The Application of Huceen E7-200 SMART PLC in Flood Control

2023-08-24 Huceen

Introduction to the functions of river gates

 A water gate on a river channel used to regulate the upstream water level and control the flow of discharged water, also known as a river blocking control gate. The main function of the river gate is to close the gate during the dry season and raise the upstream water level to meet the requirements of navigation, irrigation, power generation and urban water supply; During the flood season, the gate is opened to release floodwater, ensuring that the upstream water supply level does not exceed the flood control limit water level, while controlling the discharge flow to ensure that it does not exceed the safe discharge capacity of the downstream river channel. On sandy rivers, the river gate also takes on the task of dredging and releasing sediment, trying to maintain the water and sediment balance of the original riverbed.

Project Introduction

       The river gate is located in Gaobu Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. The Water Resources Bureau organized the upgrading and renovation of the drainage gate station in early 2022, updating the damaged electrical and control equipment. Our company provided the main control CPU and module control systems for the project.

Smart PLC

Drainage gate station

PLC control system configuration

The main control system of this project adopts the Huichen E7-200SMART PLC, which uses the Ethernet port provided by the CPU body to communicate with the touch screen. The analog module is used to collect real-time values of liquid level sensors, opening meters, and other equipment, achieving the purpose of monitoring water levels in rivers and rivers, as well as gate opening and other data. The Internet of Things function is used to achieve automatic reminders when water levels exceed high levels.

Operation control

  On site manual control - manually control the lifting, lowering, stopping of the gate and the start and stop of the drainage pump group through the on-site measurement and control terminal.

Remote manual control - By using IoT monitoring software, the gate can be remotely manually controlled for lifting, lowering, stopping, and the start and stop of the drainage pump set. It supports remote adjustment of the gate opening, achieving on-site unmanned operation.

Logic automatic control - The gates and drainage pump sets automatically open and close according to the water levels of the inner and outer rivers, without human intervention, achieving intelligent and autonomous operation.

Smart PLC

Smart PLC

Drainage gate control cabinet PLC

Smart PLC

opening instrument

Smart PLC

Actual photo of electric control cabinet

major function

The drainage pump station is responsible for discharging flood water from the inner river to the outer river during the flood season. The main equipment is one drainage pump and one electric gate, as follows:

       ① When the water level of the inner river reaches the warning level and the water level of the outer river is lower than the warning level, the gate is lowered, and the inner river water flows into the outer river by itself through the gate. By default, the gate is fully open.

       ② When the water level of the outer river reaches the warning level, in order to prevent the outer river water from flowing back into the inner river, close the gate; When the water levels of both the inner and outer rivers reach the warning level, turn on the drainage pump in the inner river to forcibly discharge the inner river water into the outer river.

       ③ When the water level in the inland river is below the warning level, turn off the drainage pump.



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