Telephone card intelligent sorting system (Huceen H7-300 module)

2023-08-22 admin

Project Introduction

The project mainly adopts the barcode recognition principle for item sorting, inputting barcodes into the upper computer and confirming the corresponding item numbers for each barcode. One box can have multiple item numbers corresponding to one barcode, and one or more item numbers can be classified into one picking port. Then, the allocated boxes are placed on the sorting line. Implement a fully automated item sorting assembly line.
The automatic sorting system replaces manual labor for repetitive and tedious classification operations, and improves efficiency exponentially on the basis of manual sorting, while reducing the error rate of sorting!


System Overview:

  • The sorting system mainly consists of: PLC control cabinet, sorting line, scanner, electromagnetic switch valve, and PC upper computer

  • Mainly using barcode scanning for item sorting

  • The PLC system is composed of the CPU of Siemens S7-300 and the modules of Huceen H7-300

  • The frequency converter group consists of 12 Mitsubishi FR700



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