About Huceen

Shenzhen Huceen Automation Technology Co., Ltd. specialized in industrial automation products since 2015, we could provide a series of service such as R&D, production, sales and technical support, and based on our professional R&D team and years of industry technology accumulation. We provide premium-quality products, renowned for their exceptional performance, and deliver competitive solutions through our integrated supply chain services.

Our company has our brand HUCEEN, its main product is H7 series of PLC, Hpanel series HMI, IOT module Hbox and industrial cloud platform Hcloud. We offer automatic system solutions which applies to auto industry, electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection, water treatment, new energy, rail transportation and other industries. It is widely used in electronic equipment, plastic machinery, packaging machinery, ceramic machinery, textile machinery, HVAC equipment, medical equipment, CNC equipment and others.








H7  PLC  began to research and development

H7 PLC began to research and development

H7-300 Medium I/O was launched; H7-200 Small PLC series was launched ; H7-200Smart I/O was launched.

The strategic direction of the national market was determined

The strategic direction of the national market was determined

Become a national high-tech enterprise;Become the first PLC manufacturer to master Smart technology in China.



The IoT industrial cloud platform Hcloud was released

Industry solution

Industry solution

Start industry solution customization servic

Cloud Pigeon IoT PLC

Cloud Pigeon IoT PLC

The economical ProfiNET Remote I/O IM155 was lunched

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

The Industrial IoT privatization product was released ;H7 series PLC 1200 I/O was launched

Meet Huceen, with time to write reliable

Meet Huceen, with time to write reliable

Meet Huceen, with time to write reliable

  • Mission

    To help customers become industry leaders

  • Vision

    To become a respected and global supplier of industrial automation products and solutions

  • Values

    Integrity, specialized, innovation, sharing

  • Operation philosophy

    Improve customers competitiveness continuously , we not only provide excellent products and services, but also supply customers with more industry knowledge and more professional technical solutions.



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