E3 SR20

  • Article No:
  • Description: E3 CPU SR20,Electric Relay
  • Dimensions WxHxD(mm):
  • I/O: 12DI/8DO
Model no

E3 SR20

Article No
Product descriptionE3 CPU SR20,Electric Relay
Conventional normUser program length12K

User Data8K

Power-down data remainsPower loss remains permanent

On-board digital I/O12DI/8DO

Digital I/O image size256-bit input (I)/256-bit output (Q)

Simulate the I/O image area56 words input (AI)/56 words output (AO)

expansion modulenot supported

Signal board expansionnot supported

Edge breakFour rising edges and four falling edges

Pulse capture inputnon

High speed counter

4 counters in total, single phase: 4 50KHZ (HSC0-3), A/B phase: 1 30KHZ (HSC0)

DI Filtering timeonly support 0,6.4msand12.8ms(0 Filtering is non Filtering6.4ms)

pulse outputnot supported

Motion Control Wizard/Motion Control Panelnot supported

Bit memory (M)256 bit

Temporary (local) storage64 bytes in the main program, 64 bytes in each subroutine and interrupt program

Sequential control relay (S)256 bit

Time breaktwo 1msresolution

Computing speedBoolean: 0.35us Moving word: 1.2us Real time operation: 1.7us

The Real time clockNot supported

Extended real-time clock (multiple time zones)Not supported

Memory cardSupport PLC program update, support firmware upgrade

Serial communicationport1 RS-485

PPI, MPI (slave) baud rate9.6Kbps  19.2Kbps  187.5Kbps

Free port port baud rate1.2K~115.2K

Maximum number of sites32 stations per section, 126 stations per network

Maximum number of masters32

MPI connect4 in total, 2 reserved (1 for PG and 1 for OP)

Point-to-point (PPI master mode)Not supported
Ethernet communicationPortone ofRJ45Ethernet100M

Adaptive cross connectsupport

HMI equipment5 connections shared with Modbus TCP (same as standard CPU)

Programming devices(PG)1 connection

Modbus TCP master/slave communication5 connections are shared with the HMI

Cloud & control integration

Remote "cloud"

Smart PLC

Cloud & control integration

Remote "cloud"

Smart PLC

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