Application of Huceen H7-200Smart Economic Analog Quantity Module in the Pure Water Treatment Industry

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What is pure water treatment?

Pure water treatment equipment is a pure water production device used for industrial production water, with the aim of removing impurities such as suspended solids, colloids, hardness, organic matter, and residual chlorine that hinder subsequent reverse osmosis operations in the raw water. Different process flows are adopted according to customer needs to produce pure water that meets customer production standards. The pure water equipment system adopts reverse osmosis water treatment process, including: raw water pump, multi-media filter, activated carbon filter, water softener, filter, reverse osmosis host, ultraviolet sterilizer/ozone sterilizer, pure water tank, etc.

Equipment Introduction

  This equipment is a pure water treatment system with a capacity of 0.5T/hour, including process links such as source water → source water pump → sand filter → activated carbon filter → primary reverse osmosis membrane → secondary reverse osmosis membrane → EDI system → sterile water transportation, etc. It can achieve functions such as water pressure interlocking protection, automatic water storage, and constant pressure water supply.

Smart PLC

Pure water treatment equipment

Smart PLC

Process screen

Smart PLC

On site electrical cabinet

PLC control system configuration

   The main control system of this project adopts SIMATIC S7-Smart CPU combined with Huichen H7-200Smart module. It uses the built-in RS485 port of the CPU body to communicate with the touch screen, and controls equipment such as motors and valves through an extended digital output module; The extended Huichen's unique economical analog module detects signals such as water pipe pressure, conductivity, flow rate, and temperature, and adjusts the frequency of two sterile water pumps through the extended analog output module.

Introduction to Huceen H7-200SMART Economic Analog Quantity Module:

       The economic analog quantity module is a complete product series planned by Huceen staff through in-depth research on multiple industries, summarizing the actual usage habits and pain points of end users. It has the following characteristics.

       Single signal: All signal input categories of a single module are divided into full voltage type or full current type

       Ultra high cost-effectiveness: Compared to the standard module, the input signal type of the economical module has changed from voltage current mixed to pure voltage or pure current, and corresponding unnecessary signal detection components have been removed, thereby reducing the cost of the module

       Ultra strong anti-interference performance: Compared to standard modules, economical modules have better and simpler circuits, and R&D personnel have optimized them during design, greatly improving the anti-interference performance of economical analog modules.

       Optimize module wiring: The economical module has made some modifications to the wiring method, making it more convenient for users to connect when using a two wire current sensor (passive current sensor).

Smart PLC

PLC configuration table

Smart PLC


System functions:

      Water quality monitoring: including real-time detection of conductivity, water pressure, water tank level, water flow, water temperature and other data, data archiving, and historical curve functions.

      Abnormal warning: It includes warning functions for important changes such as pre filtration, post filtration, water pipe pressure, and water tank liquid level, and sets system shutdown threshold values to protect equipment.

      RO automatic flushing: It is divided into primary RO and secondary RO, and is interlocked with flushing valves, high-pressure pumps, and other equipment according to the set flushing time.

      Conductivity and return valve interlocking: The conductivity of the water is detected at the secondary RO, and if it is qualified, it is transported to the sterile water tank. If it is not qualified, the return valve is opened to return the water to the original water tank for further treatment.

    Constant pressure water supply: According to the set delivery water pressure, the frequency of the frequency converter is automatically adjusted to achieve constant pressure delivery of sterile water.



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